Hair Transplant in Birmingham for Women: Never Lose your Femininity Again

written by Vaser Liposuction Clinics in London Assocation

Hair loss is one of the prices you pay with aging. A lot of people have been seeking remedies and alternatives on how to prevent it or if not reverse its effects. FUE hair transplants in Birmingham has risen its popularity for helping solve the hair loss in men but in women also.

In Birmingham, most people believe that the number of cases with hair loss is common among men and less in women but if you research since 2013 there has been an increasing rise in incidence among women experiencing patchy loss of hair (alopecia), hair thinning, and balding scalp.

The culprit that most people have thought of could be modern day lifestyle habits due to rising fast food chains and women having Iron deficiency anemia or just simply being anemic.

Experiencing hair loss in women is like losing a part of your femininity

Are you losing a part of your femininity?

Even though you know the cause of why you’re experiencing hair loss and have multitudes of access of products creating such promise but sadly to no avail?

Don’t exhaust all your resources on those balms, spray, and creams which do not affect really at all. As quoted “ If you do the same thing over again then you’ll get likely the same results.”

Why not spend your money on a sure way procedure that’s minimally invasive and achieve fast results.

Here are some of the details to adequately feel confident again and throw away those insecurities.

Fue Hair Transplant

Is an operation technique which does less damage to your cell or tissue on your scalp by extracting individual healthy hair follicle from the donor and transplant to the recipient affected scalp part.

It’s really a no invasive procedure which can be done in a minor operating room with specialized highly-trained Doctors using only local anesthetics. The device utilized in this operation is a unique and specialized puncher that can punch a hole in the surrounding follicle ranging from 0.6mm to almost 1mm. If you’re a donor, knowing the size will let you feel at ease since it won’t really be visible unless viewed really up close. No trauma and scar formation is noted based on testimonials from people who have tried.

Curious about how much it will cost you?

Individual healthy hair follicle cost about £2.50 that’s $3.28 in US dollars. For a consultation, is usually free but for the operation, it will range from £100 ($131.17) or more. Having this kind of procedure is not exclusive to Hollywood actors but as to people as well with the tight budget.

Some of the clinics in Birmingham offers vaser liposuction if you want an add on to the operation. This can be a good thing for acquiring discounts also instead of looking for another doctor for that specific procedure.

Again, this is also a non-invasive method but only removes fat.


After the operation, you can see the delineation right away which you will be proud of and uncontained happiness on your face.


Avoid excessive sweating and extreme temperatures of heat and cold. In regards with washing your hair, your doctor will teach you procedures and method how you wash your hair with the use of a special shampoo for a few weeks after the operation.

A sleeping position is necessary for a few weeks to help lessen the swelling and also avoid the damage onto your transplanted hair.